screensaver that mines for cryptocurrency Monero on behalf of Launches Screensaver that Mines for Cryptocurrency Monero

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screensaver that mines for cryptocurrency Monero on behalf of change.orgSocial petition platform,, has notified Crypto Disrupt that a marketing business called TracyLocke Brazil has launched a screensaver that mines for cryptocurrency Monero on behalf of the organization’s charitable foundation. The project raises money for the Foundation’s work in Brazil, not for the general work of and not for the work of the Foundation globally.

Known as the ‘Mining Screensaver’, when a user installs the tool onto their computer, it starts mining the Monero cryptocurrency. All the virtual coins it mines are converted into real money for the Foundation’s work in Brazil. The Mining Screensaver ensures a user’s computer mines cryptocurrency when they are not using it.

Harnessing the power of idle PCs to mine crypto

Providing the computer is still powered up, the idle processing power operates software which mines for cryptocurrency Monero. The amount the user earns is donated directly to the Foundation.  The organization hopes enough users will install the screensaver so significant funds are raised for its charitable work in Brazil. Estimates suggest that if 10,000 PCs use the mining screensaver for 12 hours a day, donations worth around $10,000 would be generated each month.

Presently the software is only available for Windows users.

Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency, which was created in April 2014. The crypto coin uses a public ledger to record transactions and is focused on privacy and decentralization.

In June 2018, Monero’s v0.12.2.0 was released with a host of new features, including Ledger support.

Cryptocurrency making a social impact

Utilization of cryptocurrency to raise funds for charity is not entirely ground-breaking or unique. Earlier this year, UNICEF announced it was going to raise additional revenue to provide humanitarian aid for disadvantaged children through cryptocurrency mining.

Similar to, UNICEF is encouraging people to donate their computer’s power so the device mines for cryptocurrency Monero when it is idle. This way visitors to the UNICEF website are “automatically generating funds for UNICEF Australia.”

Other charities are also recognizing the potential cryptocurrency can create for charitable ventures. Both The Water Project and Save the Children are now accepting donations in bitcoin.

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