blockchain technology integration by Catalonia

Catalonian Government Work Towards Blockchain Technology Integration

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blockchain technology integration by CataloniaThe Catalonian government is working towards blockchain technology integration in a bold move for the autonomous Spanish community. Catalans are well known for being brave, independent and innovative, and with the news that the local government is planning to get involved in blockchain tech, it’s an exciting time for the region and its people.

Catalans are very strong and staunch people with a long and illustrious history, which they are extremely proud of. In a show of strength and innovation, blockchain technology integration is now at the top of the list for the Catalan government.

Working towards blockchain technology integration

The government of Catalonia, the Generalitat de Catalunya, has recently revealed their plans for blockchain technology integration in a press release from its public administration on Tuesday (July 24).

The official press release from the government detailed that the community of Catalonia is in for a treat as the region aims to promote blockchain “with the aim of improving digital services to the public and promoting the potential of this technology between the Administration, companies and the citizen[s].”

With so many new EU crypto regulations, the Catalan government is doing their due diligence and understand the growing need to develop a plan for incorporating crypto technology right across all public administration sectors by the end of 2018, said the report. The news is ultra-positive for Catalonian crypto users and region that is used to always fighting and competition against a bigger and larger force, just like crypto’s fight against financial institutions and fiat currency.

Moving the Catalan crypto industry forward

Catalonia is always making moves to stand out from Spain and to show its autonomous and independent thinking. This is a fundamental way of thinking for Catalans. The Department of Digital Policies is currently forming their strategy by working in tandem with independent groups that have knowledge of crypto and blockchain technology integration. The department is getting together the skills, talent, and knowledge in the field of blockchain so they can identify the needs of the local Catalans and how to use crypto to reach high levels of economic value.

Although Catalonia is fanatically independent, it is important to point out that Spain is already embracing crypto and blockchain tech across a wide variety of industries. Barcelona Tech City announced in May that it had created a special space for blockchain technology development in a bid to bring crypto to the mainstream of Spanish consciousness. The massive Spanish bank Santander also became the first global company to implement blockchain tech for investor voting.

Although many Catalans see the region as an autonomous state and have done for many eons, it will forever be linked with the Spanish crypto industry and economy whether it likes it or not, and that is not necessarily a bad thing moving forward for the industry.

As the Catalan government looks for the best strategy for blockchain technology integration, the EU crypto scene goes up another notch regarding the implementation of crypto across every corner of the continent.

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