Brave Partners With Dow Jones

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) has formed a partnership with Dow Jones Media Group. The new partnership will act as a means of allowing Dow Jones to test out BAT’s Brave Browser and software.

A press release by Basic Attention Token reveals that the main reason for joining with Dow Jones is so that they can bring ‘premium content to new audiences’ and test ‘blockchain technology usage in digital publishing.’ This will be achieved through the Brave Browser, a browser which provides an alternative method of revenue for media services other than through advertising. The Brave Browser has a built-ad blocker, but unlike standard ad-blockers, it gives websites the option to make money through micro-payments via the BAT token. Users automatically pay a website (by choice) depending on how long they have stayed on that site for.

As per the arrangement, ‘Brave will provide access to premium content from Dow Jones Media Group to a limited number of users who download the Brave browser on a first-come, first-serve basis.’ This content can originate from any of the corporations under the Dow Jones umbrella, including the financial site Barrons. Daniel Bernard, the Executive Vice President of Barrons, commented on the decision: ‘as global digital publishers, we believe it is important to continually explore new and emerging technologies that can be used to build quality customer experiences.’

The fact that companies under Dow Jones’ umbrella will be utilizing Brave’s software and the BAT token is huge news for cryptocurrency as it is a sign that conventional financial media is beginning to embrace this new technology. When huge organizations take part in cryptocurrency, it further paves the way for regular individuals to join in.

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