Blockstream Releases Lightning Publisher for WordPress LApp


Lightning Publisher for WordPress is the second LApp released recently by Blockstream Inc. Blockstream was founded in 2014, and they specialize in sidechains to improve the usability of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The latest sidechain, currently in beta release for Bitcoin, is the Lightning Network which aims to add the following functionality:

  • Instant Payments – transaction times measured in milliseconds rather than minutes
  • Scalability – the potential for billions of transactions per second
  • Low Cost – facilitating micropayments
  • Cross Blockchains – off-chain atomic swaps across blockchains

WordPress websites make up 30% of all websites globally, and it comes with a plethora of easy to use plugins like opt-in forms, SEO optimization, and language translators. Blockstream’s Lightning Publisher allows a WordPress site owner to become a commercial publisher in their own right. Visitors to websites that are using this latest LApp plugin will be provided with a preview of each article with the option to make an immediate micropayment to see the full content.

Without the ability to make instant micropayments, the Bitcoin blockchain wasn’t previously considered well suited to the immediate purchase of small value items online or offline.  The second layer payment protocol provided by the Lightning Network will be a welcome addition when it’s officially launched in the next few months.

Currently, Lightning Publisher is available on testnet before the official release of the Lightning Network and website owners are being invited by Blockstream to “test drive it to get a feel for how to use Lightning Charge.”

Lighting Charge is Blockstream’s backbone for Lightning Network, and they have previously released a WooCommerce Lightning Gateway, and recently, their first LApp, FileBazaar. Lightning Publisher is similar in concept to FileBazaar as both use a preview element, articles for the former and videos for the latter. FileBazaar allows content creators to make a variety of digital files, like videos, images, and documents available for preview and offer the full file for sale via an immediate micropayment purchase.

Previously, content creators were heavily reliant on joining advertising platforms for their income streams, but  Lightning Publisher and FileBazaar offer them greater independence and a direct channel to their consumers.

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