BlockShow Americas 2018 - the Age of Equality

BlockShow Americas 2018 – the Age of Equality


BlockShow Americas 2018 - the Age of EqualityAs a positive disruptive force in the technology world, nothing comes close to blockchain, but the reach of this revolutionary new technology goes far beyond sectors and industries, which is a theme running through the upcoming BlockShow Americas event this month.

The social impact that blockchain could have on the world may very well be the one defining aspect that will be looked back on in decades to come, with the likes of the United Nations highlighting how blockchain can tackle inequality.

Inequality is a problem that can be found in all corners of our society, and it takes many forms, be it gender, economic, class or political.

In this respect, BlockShow has always been a leader, with equality at the heart of the organization and a particular focus on gender equality, and BlockShow Americas 2018 will be no different.

BlockShow Americas 2018 is scheduled for August 20-21 in Las Vegas, and will provide the perfect opportunity to concentrate on the question of equality by way of the in-depth discussion that will take place at the ‘How blockchain affects the Americas emerging economies.’

The mandate for this particular discussion will center around how blockchain technology can contribute to the emerging economies throughout the Americas, with the panel exploring how the unbanked can benefit from financial and banking services with the use of blockchain technology.

BlockShow Americas 2018 - the Age of Equality

The impact of corruption

We’ve all seen the role that corruption plays in governmental programmes, particularly among developing nations, and throughout the Americas, we’ve seen that corruption have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of people.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) asserted thatthe significant impact of corruption on income inequality and the adverse effect of corruption on income growth for the poorest 20 percent of a country have been proven empirically (Gupta et al. 2002).

What’s the answer to this problem? That’s a tough question to answer, and one that politicians and government agencies have been trying to solve for decades.

Blockchain could be the breakthrough that we’ve all been waiting for though, with the delivery of services via blockchain-based cryptocurrencies possibly playing a significant part in the solution.

Giving women their due

The pay gap between genders has been an issue for decades now, and blockchain payroll solutions could have a part to play in eliminating these discrepancies.

The demand for blockchain talent provides a fantastic opportunity to bring more women into the fold, and despite the industry being male-dominated (for now) there is the opportunity there as far as community building, creating engagement and devising inclusive processes.

BlockShow Americas 2018 Set for Vegas This Month

BlockShow actively encourages out of the box solutions and thinking, helping to find ways that blockchain technology can be used in the real world.

At BlockShow Americas 2018 we’ll see some notable experts provide insights on these issues and possible solutions, including the likes of Mick Butcher, Editor-at-large of TechCrunch, and Johanna Maska, White House Director of Press Advance for President Obama.

The discussion at the BlockShow Americas event will center around using blockchain technology to make the world a more equal place and is definitely going to be worth following either in person or from afar.

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