Bittrex Teaming Up with for New Crypto Trading Platform

Bittrex Teaming Up with for New Crypto Trading Platform

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Bittrex Teaming Up with for New Crypto Trading PlatformOne of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Bittrex, has recently announced it will be teaming up with to create a new and exciting crypto trading platform. It was announced last Thursday that the US-based exchange will launch this new platform for European customers, which promises to be something special.

The news comes at a time when the largest crypto exchange in the world, Binnace, have been undergoing a major hacking attempt that has made major news across the cryptocurrency scene.

Teaming up with UK-based Fintech firm

This new crypto trading platform will be launched under the banner and is getting the industry talking. The UK-based Fintech firm was founded in 2014, developing its own trading platform that focusses on derivative trading, algo-trading, equity trading and portfolio management.

The US-based exchange, Bittrex, already has a trusted reputation in the industry, and by utilizing the undoubted trading expertise of with the trusted trading platform of Bittrex, it is a match made in heaven. The new platform is set to offer a selection of tokens that touches the 200 mark and will be a groundbreaking crypto trading platform.

The CEO at Bittrex, Bill Shihara, recently talked about how blockchain technology has such massive potential to offer groundbreaking solutions for not only business but all manner of things. He mentioned that every action they take is geared to evolving and advancing emerging technology, which will include the new trading platform with

Shihara went on to say that the partnership will increase the customer’s overall trading experience and access to the newest and most innovative blockchain technology and projects, which will help to further the revolutionary status of crypto.

Innovating crypto trading platform for Europeans

Although this new crypto trading platform will initially be aimed to serve European customers, the long-term plan is to offer digital trading services to other markets, both established and emerging. However, services will be limited to countries and qualified regions, which will be based on the individual cryptocurrency regulations and international laws of each country.

We are still in the initial stages of the platform at the moment with no launch date being released, however, traders can already pre-register for an account, which is highly recommended if you live within EU borders. have detailed that the exchange will be ideal for not only experienced crypto traders but also newbies to the industry.

It is important to note that earlier this year in February, Bittrex, and talked about another partnership, which was a crypto exchange called Zodiac that was aimed at the retail market. The exchange in question has yet to be launched and information online regarding the platform has been sketchy at best. Therefore, who knows where this new venture between the two companies is going to end?

If this new crypto trading platform comes to fruition, it will be great news for European crypto users and traders who will have more options at their fingertips, so let’s hope everything runs smoothly to make it happen.

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