Swell keynote speaker for Ripple is Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Joins Ripple’s Swell as Keynote Speaker

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Swell keynote speaker for Ripple is Bill ClintonIn a breaking release issued on the Ripple blog, ex-President Bill Clinton has been identified as the keynote speaker at the prestigious Swell event. The event is to take place in San Francisco, California, where Ripple headquarters is located. According to Ripple –

“Today, we’re thrilled to announce 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker for Swell – where the world’s leaders in policy, payments and technology connect.”

The Swell Event

Swell is a conference where global leaders meet and discuss technology, finance, and regulatory policy. At the up and coming event, central banks will unveil their experiences with DLT and what the plans are the for the future with regard to the technology. Ripple is going to be talking about their ledger based RTGS system, and the ease of cross-border transfers. Ripple is largely regarded as being the fastest and most advanced cryptocurrency right now based on actual, as opposed to theoretical, traffic.

However, many of the scheduled events are shrouded in mystery, with much of the agenda taken up with ‘private meetings’. Central banks, politicians, corporate officials, and Ripple executives are going to be networking and advancing cryptocurrency adoption. Powerful individuals are going to be in attendance. A big topic of discussion is going to be a cohesive regulatory framework for cryptocurrency monitoring across the globe. It is the biggest hurdle to DLT adoption, though even central banks are now undertaking research into blockchain. Financial opportunities, as well as trends and patterns in DLT usage, will also be investigated.

Last year, former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke was the keynote speaker.

The Keynote Speaker

The addition of a former President is sure to bolster support for Ripple and the overall cryptocurrency industry. It was during the tenure of Bill Clinton, 1993-2001, that the internet sector saw tremendous growth. Clinton presided over the longest peace period in US history and signed the North American Free Trade Agreement into law. He was the first president democrat since Roosevelt to be elected for a second term. During his presidency, the congress reported a budget surplus, the first since 1969. Regardless of individual political ideology, he left office with the highest approval ratings of any president since WW2, according to Gallup Polls.

Hopefully, his endorsement of DLT can help usher in a new era of blockchain integration, with as much of an impact as the internet. Regulation and technology were also at a crossroads when the internet started to gain momentum, and Clinton is widely regarded as having played a pivotal role in bridging the divide. Ripple stated –

“At a time when groundbreaking technology and regulation were often on a collision course, President Clinton helped usher in a period of extreme growth and adoption of the Internet, shaping what it is today. He also established programs that bridged the “digital divide” and brought new technology to underserved communities around the world.”

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