These Are the Best Cryptocurrency Debit Cards You Must Try in 2018

Best cryptocurrency debit cards for 2018It is just staggering to think of how far cryptocurrency debit cards have come since the early days where even buying some crypto could be a painful process.

We’ve done a side by side comparison to establish which cryptocurrency debit card has the most useful range of features and is best to reliably turn your precious crypto into fiat currency.

comparison of cryptocurrency debit cards


On offer here is a blockchain wallet which allows users to denominate their crypto into either Euros or USD. A plastic USD card will set you back $50, though, and a virtual card for Euros costs €9. SpectroCoin also adds a 1% fee for loading cryptocurrency to the card, and it costs money to make any purchase with the card. There are far cheaper options out there.


The Wirex App offers both a virtual card and a physical one, delivered free of charge at the time of writing (this is supposedly a limited time offer). A novel feature on Wirex is Cryptoback™ which gives 0.5% on every single purchase made with the card and this somewhat offsets the nominal $1.50 monthly account fee.


A big advantage with the Uquid debit card is its support for a wide range of alt coins – 90 cryptocurrencies according to their website – which does set them apart from most other cards. No fees on loading with crypto either, and users do not have to verify their identity straight away although the card is then limited to six purchases and four ATM withdrawals a day.

Coinbase Shift

The Coinbase Shift Card is a well-backed cryptocurrency debit card which can now be offered to those living in the 43 U.S. states where they have regulatory approval. There is an initial issuance fee of $20, but no monthly cost for using the account and a flat rate of $2.50 on ATM withdrawals. The unique aspect here is that payment is taken directly from the crypto wallet tethered to the Shift card and with no conversion fees when exchanging to fiat currency.


Cryptopay offers either a physical or virtual prepaid Bitcoin debit card without the requirement for full ID verification, though there are limits on the card should you choose not to. The card comes with a price tag, however, setting users back 15 USD/EUR/GBP respectively.

You can save 25% if you click through from, but there are lots of cheaper cards out there. A fairly standard $1 monthly fee applies with Cryptopay, but they also take 1% every time you convert Bitcoin to cash. This may deter some users.

Which cryptocurrency debit cards suits you best?

While all of these cards will serve you probably equally as well, it’s often the best bet to evaluate what works well for where you live and what brings you the lowest fees. Shift is a good option for the select U.S. residents who can apply, but if you are particularly active on your card, then Wirex can be a fantastic choice.

The Wirex Cryptoback™ 0.5% bonus on each purchase leaves users with a nice bonus of BTC that adds up over time. Really, in terms of reducing the impact of fees, this is a great choice for those who expect to be using cryptocurrency debit cards as a main means of payment.

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