Bat Update Their Brave Browser to Be Compatible With Google Chrome Extensions


The Basic Attention token (BAT) team have officially released a new and wholly re-written version of their web browser. The Brave browser is now built around Chromium, the lightweight browser provided by Google. As stated in their press release, the BAT team noted that the release is a “milestone on our path to Brave 1.0”, but that several more updates will be made before the full version is ready. Currently, the browser is still in Beta. However, it is available for anybody to download.

Brave browser and the future of BAT

The Brave browser is one of BAT’s essential components within its ecosystem. When the Brave Browser comes out of Beta, it will give users the opportunity to earn rewards (in the form of BAT tokens) for viewing online ads. It will also give users the opportunity to donate their earned rewards to their favorite content creators, including YouTubers and media outlets such as The Guardian or Dow Jones.

While these features aren’t yet available, this does not mean that the Brave Browser is useless. As a default setting, the browser comes with a built-in ad-blocker, and since its recent update, it boasts 22% faster page loading times than previously before. This makes the browser one of the faster programs in the industry. The team noted that since the update, there are “savings of 8 to 12 seconds on certain sites.” A paper on how the team came to this conclusion can be found here.

Perhaps the most important feature of the Chromium update is that the Brave Browser now supports Google Chrome extensions. While this may not seem like much, this is a huge step towards getting people to switch over to using Brave as their default browser. As of 2015, Google had over one billion users, clearly making it one of the most commonly used web browsers. BAT know that if they want users to migrate from Chrome to Brave, then they need to make their system as compatible with Chrome as possible, while also offering something it does not have (faster loading times). Anybody who has tried to make a move from one browser to another already understands how annoying and off-putting it can be when you can’t find the extensions which you use daily, so it is extremely likely that Brave’s support for Chrome extensions will give people enough of a push to move.

BAT on the market

Since the announcement of Brave’s update, the price of BAT has increased significantly. On October 18 the price was at $0.20, by October 20 it was at $0.24 (a 20% rise in just two days). This has instilled a level of confidence and hope within the minds of traders, and it could be a sign of a further wave of adoption coming once the full and completed version of Brave is released.

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