interview with archax ceo graham rodford

An Interview With Archax CEO Graham Rodford


interview with archax ceo graham rodfordCrypto Disrupt recently got the opportunity to have a chat with Archax CEO Graham Rodford.

Archax, a cryptocurrency exchange based in London, is a new institutional-grade exchange aimed at the traditional investment community.

Founded by experts from the financial markets and backed by an experienced and accomplished advisory board, Archax claims to cater for a market that expects the systems, controls, and processes prevalent in the traditional investment world.

A qualified accountant, Graham was COO, CCO, and partner at Omni Partners, a USD 1.4 billion hedge fund based in London, where he was responsible for all operational activities as well as compliance.

CD: We’ve seen our fair share of launches in this space, but the Archax launch is something different. Can you explain a bit about what makes your exchange unique?

GR: Archax will be focused on institutions and their clients. We aim to create an ecosystem where institutions feel comfortable to operate due to the participants and the exchange controls.

Existing exchanges tend to target individuals and often lack the framework required for an institution to operate in an efficient fashion.

CD: What is it that prompted you to get involved in this project? 

Archax CEO Graham Rodford
Archax CEO Graham Rodford

GR: The team, both founders, and advisors have a deep knowledge of traditional asset classes and years of experience operating with these assets.

Within the cryptocurrency space, the area is still evolving, and Archax believes that there is an opportunity for an experienced team, such as Archax, to bring their financial market experience into the space to help that evolution.

CD: Can you tell us a little about the people you have on your advisory board?

GR: Each member of the advisory board has been selected due to their specialism in an area the Archax team deems key to its success.

These skills include banking, regulation in a UK environment, operating an exchange, traditional market financing, KYC/AML, fund administration, UK regulation, building/scaling small companies and computer engineering.

The partnership with UCL brings the ability to work with the latest innovation in the space.

CD: Operating in a regulated manner with people on your team who have the experience that they do will undoubtedly set you apart, so what kind of audience are you looking to attract?

GR: We aim for every participant on our exchange to be of the highest credibility.

Regulated institutions are the target audience, but other sophisticated participants will be allowed subject to Archax due diligence.

CD: What plans and/or goals do you have in the future?

GR: The long-term vision is to try to replicate and evolve the traditional ecosystem into this new asset class.

For more on Archax be sure to check out their website.

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