cryptocurrency investments set to rise in the USA

5% of US Investors Will Look to Make Cryptocurrency Investments in 2019, Poll Shows

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cryptocurrency investments set to rise in the USACryptocurrency investments will represent a significant 5% of all investments in the United States in 2019. This was the finding of a new poll, which shows American investors are increasingly looking to cryptocurrency.

The Harris Poll, which was conducted on behalf of the American Institute of CPAs (AICA), shows that 5% of the 35% of Americans who currently invest in the likes of stocks and shares, real estate and government bonds, will invest in cryptocurrencies in 2019.

Lack of understanding about cryptocurrencies

The study also looked at awareness surrounding cryptocurrency across the United States.  It found that almost 50% of adults in America had virtually no understanding of cryptocurrencies.

In a statement about the report, the AICA said:

Cryptocurrency appears to be foreign to many investors. The survey found that nearly half of US investors are not familiar with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. Or of the 42 percent who are familiar with cryptocurrency, there were wide speculations regarding how they would perform in the next year.

The Harris Poll’s insight into the number of investors planning to make cryptocurrency investments during 2019, follows a similar recent poll, exploring America’s interest in digital currencies.

A Wells Fargo/Gallup poll showed around one in four American investors say they are intrigued about cryptocurrencies but won’t be buying it any time soon. 2% of US investors currently own bitcoin.

Women’s interest in cryptocurrency investments grows

Additional research shows that women’s interest in cryptocurrency investments is on the rise. Despite being a traditional male-dominated market, more and more women are becoming interested in digital money and cryptocurrency investments. A study by the London Block Exchange found that the number of women who would consider investing in cryptocurrency has doubled in the last six months.

It’s no secret that in 2017, increasing cryptocurrency prices attracted more and more people to the likes of bitcoin and altcoins. However, as research shows, there is still skepticism surrounding the crypto market, and not everyone is convinced investing in cryptocurrency would be the wisest decision.

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