3 Hot Airdrops You Can Participate in Right Now!

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Airdrops are always great. Free tokens = Free money. And, who doesn’t like free money? While some wind up being worthless, some have been worth up to $250 or more. As with everything in the crypto world, it’s difficult to predict, but here are three airdrops that I think might be worth hodling for a while.

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The blockchain Bluetooth community, Orbis, recently announced their airdrop, which sees them give away a massive 1,000,000 tokens to no more than 60,000 addresses. This equates to roughly 16.7 OBT tokens per person.
Each OBT token will sell for $0.24 in their public sale, according to the Orbis website.

The Orbis blockchain Bluetooth community gives developers the opportunity to use the network to create IoT apps, replace digital infrastructure, and utilize crowd-sourced data. These products and services can be sold in the Orbistore for OBT, and users can mint new OBT tokens just by running the OrbisWeb mobile app.

Get your OBT tokens here.


There’s still time, but you’ll have to be quick. All you need to do get your CLO tokens is have Ethereum Classic tokens in your wallet by the time the chain hits block 5500000. Make sure your wallet can receive these tokens first.

You can check out the Crypto Disrupt guide to Callisto here.

House Panda

Although it sounds like a Chinese takeaway restaurant, House Panda will actually be the world’s 17th largest supercomputer consisting of 72 NVIDIA DGX-1 Tesla artificial intelligence supercomputers.

House Panda subscribers will pay monthly membership fees giving them access to real eastate price predictions powered by the supercomputer. This prediction service is expected to extend to cryptocurrencies and stocks in the near future.

It takes about three minutes to claim your share of 250,000 HPT tokens, which you can do here. Each token has a nominal value of $1.


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